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Contract with our Community

As part of our social mission, Presto Payday will advocate financial responsibility in the community it serves by providing educational tools as well as incentives for clients that display responsible financial behavior in the form of on-time payments.

Presto Payday Preferred Customer ProgramSM

The Preferred Customer ProgramSM is a tiered system that not only starts with a rate that is lower than industry standards, but also decreases as a client pays in the agreed upon time period. Presto Payday always puts the customer first!

Initial Loan 9.50%
2nd Loan 9.25%
3rd Loan 9.00%
4th Loan 8.75%
5th Loan and Subsequent Loans 8.50%

*All loans must be paid within the agreed upon time period in order to qualify for the Preferred Customer ProgramSM

Financial Literacy

In addition to the Preferred Customer ProgramSM, Presto Payday provides free financial information with the purpose of helping our clients learn more about managing their finances and helping them achieve financial independence. The team at Presto Payday firmly believes that a payday loan should be a financial bridge to help you with life’s unexpected challenges. A payday loan should not be a long term solution to a recurring problem.

The Presto Payday financial literacy program helps consumers make informed financial choices. We provide tips and hints on a wide range of topics, including how to create a budget, build credit and manage everyday expenses. We provide education to create better financial habits that can endure for a lifetime. Our interactive financial literacy class curriculum resources were designed not just to promote financial literacy, but financial capability. By connecting key economic concepts to real-world scenarios, Presto Payday will grow a network of informed consumers.

Please click here to access our financial literacy program.

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